For individual company

» Students having any backlogs at the time of placement are not allowed for placements as per companies eligibility criteria

» Before appearing for the interview , students will have to sign the undertaking / willingness for the same

» Attendance in all pre-placements talks is compulsory for every students regardless of whether he/she is interested in sitting for the company or not

» Dress code is STRICTLY FORMALS .those who doesn’t follow the rules, will not be considered for placements.

» Students are not authorized to communicate with the companies on an individual level or in any individual capacity when company visits our college for placements.

» Any corporate interaction by any student must be carried out in consultation with TRAINING & PLACEMENT OFFICER ,Placement Cell

» Once students is given final offer for final placement by a company he/she will not be allowed to appear for interview by any other company

» If student is not interested to participate in placement process with particular company for any reason then he/she may inform placement cell or placement officer

» If students got selected in any particular company and get joining after one year of their passing year, then in that case college authorities are not responsible for pre-ponement.

For multiple companies

» In a scenario where a student is sitting for multiple companies which visit campus on the same day, the student can appear for any companies . but , he / she will have to offer from the company which comes out first with its list and gives final offer to him/her, first.

» The student will then be barred from appearing for any other company’s placement processes, and will be pulled out from their processes once selected.

» The other companies will also be informed that the students is placed , and he/she should not be considered further

» If two or more companies release their final offer lists simultaneously ,and a student figures in both the lists, then he/she gets has to decide immediately on the spot which offer he/she has to accept